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If you are looking for a career in which you make a difference in the community on a daily basis, then consider a position with the Cooperative Extension Service. As an Extension agent, you have the unique opportunity to provide leadership, education, and service to the community. Extension agents are located in all of the 120 counties of Kentucky and provide programming in the four areas of:

  1. Farms, Garden, and Environment
  2. Nutrition, Family & Homes
  3. 4-H Youth Development
  4. Community & Economic Development

Other benefits include flexibility, networking, and paid tuition for graduate school. For more information about the Cooperative Extension Service and open opportunities, please visit us here.

The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Summer Internship Program provides students with the unique opportunity of making a difference in the community as well as observing and experiencing all the responsibilities of a full-time Extension professional. Every summer students are selected to work in counties all across the Commonwealth of Kentucky!
As a summer intern, you will work primarily in one of the following areas:
• Agriculture and Natural Resources
• 4-H Youth Development
• Family and Consumer Sciences
To learn more about the summer internship program or apply for a summer opportunity, please click on the following link:

The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service exists to bring research, information, and programming to the citizens of the Commonwealth through the combined efforts of Extension specialists, associates, and agents. As the population landscape is constantly evolving, it is important for our efforts to reflect the diversity represented in our society and in our workplace. Toward this end, the Kentucky Extension Diversity & Inclusion Network (KEDIN) was established to serve and support Extension professionals with diverse backgrounds as they work to meet the needs of Extension clientele.

The Network’s efforts are focused on:

  • increasing the recruitment and retention of Extension professionals from diverse backgrounds
  • providing programs and activities that enhance professional development
  • supporting social interactions among members
  • increasing awareness of Cooperative Extension employment opportunities among individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • promoting diversity training for all Extension personnel

Network Contact

UK CAFE Office of Diversity


We are pleased to be able to support the continuation of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Diversity Award.  For the past 26 years, we have been able to recognize Extension professionals who, through targeted efforts excelled in reaching new clientele. This is a joint award open to Kentucky State University and the University of Kentucky Extension employees. The University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Food & Environment’s Office of Diversity assists in award recognition. Those chosen for the award will receive a plaque and a program award of $500.00 (individual) and $1,000.00 (team) to use in their county/department to continue diversity efforts. 
We commend those for their work done in this area and encourage you to apply for this year’s award.
The Diversity Award recognizes special efforts to target groups of people not previously served by Extension.  This award supports programs that go beyond Affirmative Action efforts to develop a culture and environment in which diversity is valued and pluralism is achieved.
The 2021 Kentucky Extension Diversity Awards will open for nominations on Friday, Ocotber 1, 2021. Nominations will be open until Novmeber 15, 2021. Before submitting your nomination at the link below, please review the award guidelines and criteria here.

2020 Diversity Award Recipients


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