Dr. Vanessa Jackson
CAFE Director of Faculty Diversity and Inclusiveness

Professional Profile

As the CAFE Director of Faculty Diversity and Inclusiveness, Dr. Jackson will,

1. Work within the college with faculty and chairs to increase the communication of how the Diversity Office can help academic programs achieve inclusive curricula and student programs.
2. Support faculty and staff development programs focused on creating and assessing social justice, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, and diverse classrooms.
3. Support the college’s efforts to promote optimal diversity, inclusion and equity-related to faculty hiring and retention.
4. Work closely with the Associate Dean for Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment to promote diversity and inclusion among faculty and leadership.


Ph.D. Michigan State University, 1998 Human Environment and Design

M.S. Michigan State University,1993 Human Environment and Design

B.S. Southern University,1977 Clothing and Textiles