Diversity Advisory Council

Diversity Advisory Council

CAFE Office of Diversity Strategic Plan

2022-2027 Strategic Plan

In 2004, the Dean of the College of Agriculture and the Assistant Dean of Diversity organized the Diversity Advisory Committee and charged this group with sustaining and enhancing the current efforts related to diversity within the College. Additionally, the committee is responsible for critically reviewing the progress in the College in the area of diversity and also creating and implementing recommendations.

The purpose of the Diversity Advisory Committee is to serve as a resource for the Office of Diversity (OOD) as it works towards fostering a College of Agriculture, Food and Environment that respects differences and encourages equity and inclusiveness. The Diversity Advisory Committee recommends strategies to recruit and retain outstanding faculty, staff, and students from historically underrepresented groups. The Diversity Advisory Committee will create a culture of inclusive excellence for faculty, students, and staff.  

The Goals of the Diversity Advisory Council are to:

  • Educate our faculty, staff, and students about the philosophy of creating a culture of inclusive excellence
  • Foster a climate that promotes an understanding of and appreciation for diversity and inclusion
  • Advocate for and promote an increased presence of students, faculty, and staff from historically underrepresented groups
  • Advance the development of programs within the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment that aid in the recruitment, retention, productivity, and success of students, faculty, and staff from historically underrepresented groups.

Task of the Diversity Advisory Council:

  • Revise and add perspective to the OOD strategic plan
  • Identify and solicit sources of internal and external funding to implement the action steps outline in the strategic plan
  • Assist with recruitment, retention, and events sponsored by the OOD, such as the annual Intercultural Awareness Day, Kentucky Extension Diversity Award, Brown Bag Seminar, etc.
  • Serve in an advisory capacity related to implementation and monitoring of progress towards key action steps outlined in the strategic plan
  • Provide consultation and feedback on overall college and campus climate. 
  • Share resources to respective units/departments.


Portrait of Dr. Mia Farrell

Dr. Mia Farrell

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Portrait of Dr. Vanessa Jackson

Dr. Vanessa Jackson

CAFE Director of Faculty Diversity and Inclusiveness



Contact Information

Dr. Mia Farrell, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean and Director for Diversity

S101A Ag. Science Center North Lexington, KY 40546-0091

+1 (859) 218-4800