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History and Mission

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) began in 1986 as the collaborative vision of a group of agriculture students and faculty at Michigan State University and Pennsylvania State University. Their goal was to develop a network between minority agriculture and natural resources students and professionals from the academic institutions, government sector and industry.

Today, the organization has grown into a national society serving over 40 different academic institutions nationwide. It Annual national conference now is a vibrant assembly of over 1,000 students and professionals from all racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. The national society of MANRRS holds true to its mission to promote academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources and related sciences.

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The UK MANRRS members helps promote the advancement of members of ethnic/cultural groups that are underrepresented in agricultural and related sciences. Members have the opportunity to participate in diverse activities that support their and others' academic and professional development and achievement.

Our organization meets bi-weekly on campus. Membership is open to all students and professionals interested in promoting diversity and inclusion in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. Membership is open to all students and includes students representing a variety of colleges. To learn more about membership just click below.

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28th National MANRRS Conference Sacramento, California 2012-2013 National Chapter of the Year

28th National MANRRS Conference Sacramento, California 2012-2013 National Advisor of the Year

2013-2014 Region III Chapter of the Year

2012-2013 Region III Chapter of the Year

2011-2012 Region III Chapter of the Year

28th National MANRRS Conference Sacramento, California 2013:

First Place Impromptu Speaking- Erica Flores

Third Place Graduate Oral Research - Erica Flores

Jr. MANRRS First Place Impromptu Speaking - Mackenzie Jones

Jr. MANRRS First Place Written Essay - Mackenzie Jones

Jr. MANRRS Third Place Public Speaking - Mackenzie Jones

Second Place Graduate Poster Research - Jessi Ghezzi

2010-Present National Committee Chair Jr. MANRRS - Whitney McKoy

2013-2014 Region III Undergraduate Vice President - Marquel Lett

2013-2014 Region VI Graduate Vice President - Jessi Ghezzi

2012-2013 Region III Undergraduate Vice President - Maurisha Ross

2011-2012 National MANRRS Graduate Parliamentarian - Whitney McKoy

2009-2010 National Undergraduate Parliamentarian - Whitney McKoy

28th National MANRRS Conference Sacramento, California Chapter of Excellence

27th National MANRRS Conference Atlanta, Georgia Chapter of Excellence

26th National MANRRS Conference Overland Park, Kansas Chapter of Excellence

25th National MANRRS Conference Orlando, Florida Chapter of Excellence

24th National MANRRS Conference Indianapolis, Indiana Chapter of Excellence

23rd National MANRRS Conference Denver, Colorado Chapter of Excecllence

22nd National MANRRS Conference Birmingham, Alabama Chapter of Excellence

21st National MANRRS Conference St. Louis Missouri Chapter of Excellence

2000 MANRRS New Chapter of the Year


2003 Outstanding African American Student Organization University of Kentucky


2011-2012 Black Student Union Most Out-Standing Non-Greek Organization


2012-2013 Evelyn J. Black Award for Creating an Effective Climate for Diverse Students