2017 MANRRS Regional Cluster

2017 MANRRS Regional Cluster!

2016 State Extension Council Diversity Awards Banquet

2017 Freshmen Summer Program

Junior MANRRS at Locust Trace AgriScience Center

2017 Partners for Youth "Great Shake Event"

2017 Inclusive Excellence Award

2017 UK Women's Forum

Louisville Metro United Way , Dare To Be King

Lexington Commerce Leadership Presentation In Minnesota

Fayette County Partners for Youth Board Members

2017 Teen Conference Opening Remarks

2017 Governor's Minority Student College Preparation Program (GMSCPP)

2017 Whitney Young Scholars

2017 Kentucky Youth Seminar

2017 Cooperative Extension Service Interns

2016 Women's Empowerment Luncheon & Awards Banquet

Louisville Metro United Way: Single Moms Raising Boys

The 2017 American Private Enterprise Youth Program - Kentucky Youth Seminar

The American Private Enterprise Youth Program - Kentucky Youth Seminar

Promoting Diversity

Nancy CoxThe University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment is committed to a diverse and inclusive college where all members feel valued through our programs, policies, and services. Diversity is a  driving force in our service to stakeholders in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  We foster a welcoming environment where diversity is valued and all individuals can fulfill their highest potential by integrating different ideas, beliefs and cultures. All members of our college are united by their commitment to the pursuit of diversity as it is outlined explicitly in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment’s Strategic Plan. A commitment to diversity is essential to enhance the quality of decision making, problem solving and innovation. As Dean, I view the respect of diversity as the cornerstone of all our actions as we shape a  more productive college, commonwealth, and nation.  

Nancy Cox, Dean 

Greetings from the Assistant Dean & Director for Diversity

Mia Farrell, Interim Director of Diversity, UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment

University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture Office of Diversity is to position the College of Agriculture to be nationally recognized for its efforts in strengthening workplace diversity, recruiting and retaining a diverse student body, building cultural competency, and most importantly serving as a resource for faculty, staff, and students within the units of the College of Agriculture as it seeks to enhance our land grant mission of teaching, research, and extension. Having made relationships in Agriculture across the state, I understand the importance of diversity within our college.  I look forward to establishing the Office of Diversity as a symbol of excellence that best serves our constituents and assists them in reaching their dreams through efforts in education, service, scholarship, and leadership. It is through these efforts that I strive to provide enrichment on the importance of diversity within our work, educational and social environments.

Thoughts from Intercultural Awareness Day 2015

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